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Hello, my name Chef Ray better known as Cobbler King.  I learned how to make peach cobbler when I was 15 years young.  I was in the 10th grade.  I was taking a Restaurant Occupational class were the students prepared food for the teachers’ lounge.  My instructor’s name was Mr. Miller.  He was the first one who taught me how to make a basic peach cobbler.  The story sounds strange because I did not learn how to bake this dessert from my mother nor grandmother but nevertheless it is true.  So, as time went on I took the initiative to innovate and develop new recipes using different combinations of sugar and spice and everything nice.  When I finally found my secret spice blend, I knew right away that this was the taste that would intrigue the taste buds of many.  Next, I had to create a flaky pie crust to pair with my cobbler filings.  I then began researching how I could perfect a flaky pie crust.  I tried different types of flours and fats such as shortening, butter and margarine until I reached the perfect combination to achieve flakiness and tenderness that would complement my cobbler filings.  Need I say more?  The rest is history.  This is how the Cobbler King was born.  Many years of trial and error and testing and developing a taste that would have your tongue begging for more.  Today, Cobbler King has made cobblers for over 30 years and created cobbler gourmet blends with gourmet pie crust for retail purchase.  Cobbler King is now Trademark pending ™